Malvern Evangelical Church, Malvern

Situated along a busy and non-descript suburban street in Malvern, the new church building now acts a beacon and focal point to the area. The design focused on positioning the ‘heart’ shaped church hall to the forefront of the site, nestled between the Pastors House and preserved Beech tree.

The brief was for a new hall that could accommodate in excess of 200 people and also provide facilities to cope with the churches needs for meeting space, crèche, kitchen and functions.

The response was for dramatic, evocative and simple form.

To the rear of the site, the original building has been rebuilt to provide additional accommodation of a secondary hall, meeting rooms with the kitchen and foyer space at the centre of the plan and acting as the focal meeting space within the building.

The hall benefits from a displacement ventilation system which allows tempered air into the space at floor level through a plenum and gets over the issue of noisy air movement to an acoustically sensitive space.